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Clinical levels of the exact "brain nutrients" shown to support brain energy metabolism

Studies show that people who suffer from migraine headaches often have lower-than-normal levels of magnesium, vitamin B2 (riboflavin), and coenzyme Q10. This disrupts energy levels in the brain and causes cramping and inflammation that can trigger painful migraine headaches.*

Dolovent™ is the one dietary supplement that gives migraine sufferers the highly targeted blend of micronutrients - at the clinical concentration necessary - for healthy brain energy metabolism. Over time, maintaining brain energy levels may reduce inflammation and other factors that could contribute to migraines.*

Is a dietary deficiency triggering your migraines?

For migraine sufferers, it's virtually impossible for foods alone to provide the concentrated levels of nutrients necessary to maintain healthy levels of magnesium, Vitamin B2 and CoQ10. Dolovent™ provides the clinical levels necessary to support proper brain energy levels.*

Only Dolovent™ provides a potent blend of micronutrients
all targeted specifically at supporting brain energy levels*

  • Complete: Packed with clinical strength riboflavin, magnesium oxide and CoQ10 plus key vitamins, minerals, trace elements and bioflavonoids targeted at supporting brain energy metabolism*
  • Effective: Medical studies show that raising migraine sufferers' levels of magnesium, B2 and
    CoQ10 help normalize brain energy metabolism*
  • Easy: Capsules are convenient and generally well-tolerated
  • Affordable: No doctor visit or prescription needed, and the cost-per-day is very economical

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"You're not going to believe
me, but I've suffered
migraines for 70 years and
now, with Dolovent, they're
simply gone! This is a
new life!"
- U. Sandbichler


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"After 30 years of migraine
headaches, Dolovent has
helped after two weeks of
regular use. I've now been
almost pain-free since
May 10, 2007."
- U. Gutians

"For many years, I have suffered
debilitating migraines. Then, I
accidently discovered Dolovent
on the Internet... I don't want to
jinx anything, but I've been
headache- and migraine- free."
- H. Mahlow