Nutrients to Support Brain Health

Dolovent offers you an all-in-one solution which provides your brain with specific vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

  • strengthens your brain power

  • packed with clinical levels of selected nutriens

  • promotes brain resilience to triggers

  • cost-effective

  • convenient to take and well-tolerated

  • made in Germany

In one trusted supplement: 20+ key nutrients blended to support brain and whole-body health

Feed your brain the nutrients it needs to resist stresses. Taken twice daily Dolovent™ makes it easy, combining magnesium, riboflavin (Vitamin B2) and CoQ10 plus other key vitamins, antioxidants and minerals critical for brain health.

The all-in-one solution
  • ✓ 150mg Coenzyme Q10

    is needed to activate the energy metablosim

  • ✓ 400mg Vitamin B2

    increases the energy metabolism of brain cells

  • ✓ 600mg Magnesium

    stabilizes the nervous system, influences messenger substances in the brain

The most complete brain health blend on the market!

High priced supplements don’t always provide the potency necessary to support brainhealth. But Dolovent does: Daily use provides the clinically published levels of magnesium 600mg, plus the clinical levels of Riboflavin 400mg and CoQ10 150mg.