Buy Dolovent™ directly from our Website and your satisfaction is guaranteed for a full year. If for any reason you're not satisfied with Dolovent™, simply return unopened product within a year of purchase.

You will receive a 100% product refund. 
Why such a generous, unconditional refund policy? Because Dolovent™ works best when used over several months. We want to give you plenty of time to see how Dolovent™ can benefit your life.

If making a return, please include your packing slip or name, address and account or order number. Please send returns to:

Linpharma Fullfilment Center
729 1st Ave N
Birmingham, AL 35203

Cancellations or Exchanges
We ship orders promptly within 1 business day on all in stock items. Please contact customer service as soon as possible at 888-301-1084 if you need to cancel an order or to discuss an exchange.