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Dolovent™ is the one dietary supplement that gives the highly targeted blend of micronutrients - at the clinical concentration necessary - for healthy brain energy metabolism.
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Easy to integrate in your every day life.

1-2 Capsules in the morning and evening, with or after a meal*

*Children: Check with your doctor.

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    The dosage is convenient for an adult.

  • ✓ Free Shipping on every order

    The dosage is convenient for an adult.

  • ✓ Automatic shipment

    Sent every 1 month.

  • ✓ Cancel any time

    By phone with no obligation.

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    Need your order sooner or need to delay delivery or want to switch between products - no problem, just call us!

  • ✓ 100% satisfaction

    Just call us if you have any problem with your order.

  • 2 Capsules per Day

    to refill your brain energy level

  • 1 Capsule per Day

    to complement and hold your nutrient level

  • Month 1

    Start taking Dolovent™. The nutrients can be easily absorbed by your body and provide your brain with energy.

  • Month 2

    The natural active ingredients unfold their effect where it is needed and the nutrient content in the brain increases.

  • Month 3

    After three months, Dolovent™ works optimally and can significantly reduce your migraine days.

  • strengthens your brain power

  • packed with clinical levels of selected nutriens

  • reduces migraine from 6 to 4 days per Month

  • cost-effective

  • convenient to take and well-tolerated

  • made in Germany